To be approved as a Global Expert, Investor, Corporation

or a Sponsor please email us at info@goglobal.world

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Am I really gonna pitch to global investors? YES!

We run a global startup pitch competition that is not like you are used to. Our team is happy to announce the launch of the Pitch to Global Investor Program. The goal is a perfect match between the active VCs and growing startups.

All startups will be going through a detailed screening to engage. Founders will get access to the network with the team and global experts, mentorship, introductions to investors and people who can help. The program will lead to a closed doors online event with invited investors.

Why should I apply?

  • It's free and no equity.

  • Pitching is challenging - 99% of startups make mistakes in their pitch

  • It’s not easy to catch investor’s attention / eye

  • Find the right investor is also challenging


There are 3000 active VC funds on average and 2mln startups playing cat and mouse with them every year.


That’s why we created this initiative for the best Global Founders to help them find the right investors faster and with less pain. 

Who are we looking for? / Application criteria:

Go Global World connects international startups with investors and mentors. We help startups enter the booming global markets and start businesses in Silicon Valley. You can meet entrepreneurs from all over the world who are ready to help startups turn their ideas into global businesses.

  • We are industry agnostic, but especially we can help startups in SaaS, Subscription, and other fast scalable models, HR, EdTech etc.

  • Founder diversity is a plus

  • Startups with traction: revenue active and monthly users. We are inviting startups that reached a post-revenue stage in traction and can show sustainable growth MoM at least 10%-30%

  • Stages:

    • Pre-seed (Validated MPV in the US Market, and/or your local traction) 

    • Seed (at least early traction in the US and/or local traction around $100k ARR or more)

    • Series A (US Traction over a $100k ARR, global traction over $1 million ARR or more)