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Go Global World Community. Who we are?

Go Global World is free of charge international community connecting English-speaking entrepreneurs around the world, improving their business operations and development.

I found that the best way to describe the idea of our community is to speak with its founder Danil Kislinskiy. The more I am getting to know Danil, the more I feel that creating and growing Go Global is his life mission and true passion. He moves forward following his dream and makes it come true with small daily steps despite all the bumps on the road that every new business can entail.

- Danil, why did you decide to create a free international community for founders?

DK: I believe that talented founders or people who can create they are everywhere, but opportunities for them are not equally spread. I decided to create a simple platform where founders from all around the world can have equal and free access to the latest entrepreneurship knowledge, to a strong international network and to an opportunity of raising capital for their businesses. So more bright people could create true value in their micro-segments.

- Could you please describe your background and relevant experience?

DK: I have been fortunate to build my career from the ground up, initially working as a sales representative in a large US company back in Eastern Europe. A few years later I led teams in Senegal, Turkey, and Canada and rolled out a few successful global projects there in Sales, Distribution, and Anti-illicit trade. I also started three companies of my own such as www.IBConsulter.com, where I helped many entrepreneurs successfully raise millions of dollars in funding. I was honored to be invited as a startup mentor at Stanford University and taught at the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo and RUDN University. A few students in my classes also raised substantial capital to scale their businesses globally.

- What are the three most important things about the Go Global Community?

DK: This is a Global Network, Founders help other Founders to access the global market without asking for compensation, amazing partners team that seek to spread our values in all parts of our beautiful world.

- What is the value that Go Global can bring to the world?

DK: I believe there are no borders. Borders are what we are told and what we keep in our heads. The world is super connected today and we all can unite and build global infrastructure for entrepreneurs to create a new value, build and scale the business internationally.

- How do you see the community in three years?

DK: I see it as an “open-source” style community where I’m not a single leader of it but in fact, the whole world of entrepreneurs contributes to develop it and scale it. I see a place where there are no opportunities but the internet is available and there is a bright-minded entrepreneur who wants to create true value for his target customers and scale it globally. He or she is using the Go Global World community to obtain all resources and support needed for them to succeed.

Key Facts about the Go Global World

- Founded on February 2020 by Danil Kislinskiy and envisioned in 2019

- Free of charge, non-profit

- English-speaking community for international startup founders

- The community is growing fast: over 1500+ entrepreneurs joined within only 6 months

- 20+ large global partnerships supporting us on all continents

- Among our webinar speakers there are world-known entrepreneurs and successful VC Investors participating for free to help founders globally.

- No marketing budgets. Only organic traffic.

- A truly equal and global community welcoming members from all over the world.

- Go Global World has local community leaders in Canada, USA, Mexico, India, Singapore, Russia, South Korea, Israel, Australia, UK, Nigeria, Nepal, etc.

Danil Kislinskiy: “Don’t come to this community if you are not willing to give back and if you are not planning to build global businesses. Come here to work hard together, help each other at no charge, build your global network as well as a strong international reputation and most importantly - change the world making it a better place in your niche industries and micro segments”.

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