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Updated: Mar 27

Hey GoGlobers! We have published the webinar with Roman Smolevskiy, Founder A+ Capital Inc., where we have talked about the strategy that allowed the company to ENTER THE COMPETITIVE MARKET IN THE USA AND TAKE THE #17 PLACE IN ITS INDUSTRY BY GROWTH

Roman is the founder of a company in such a complex industry as the construction business, whose productivity is growing at a very slow pace. When Roman entered the construction industry, there was a red ocean full of competitors. Roman shared not only the case of what kind of strategic decisions allowed them to become a fast-growing innovative company but also isolated a certain methodology from this. In general, he will tell you exactly how thinking allows entrepreneurs to enter global markets and stay ahead of competitors. So the webinar will be extremely interesting and, as always, useful, not only if you are in the construction business, but in general, want to build a successful company in global markets.

The main topics of the webinar are

▪️ How to enter a highly competitive market and rank # 507 in the United States in terms of growth rates in the wake of rapidly growing industries and digital technologies.

▪️ What is ConstructionTech and why is it the new FinTech.

▪️ How to use a geographic arbitrage strategy to build a company that operates around the planet 24/7.

But there are many more interesting solutions and inspirational quotes! The novel describes it as one of the company's development strategies - to go into the future, take technologies and implement them now. Here is one example of the implementation of this way of thinking in a company's development strategy. They found a small startup that makes moon rovers for Mars and decided that if he can ride on Mars, he can ride on their construction sites. So now they are using this technology for business, and in fact, moon rovers are driving around their construction sites.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you spend an hour and a half collecting Insights and inspiration for the development and running of your business!

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