[Webinar] Strategy is in Crisis by Nathan Shedroff

Traditional business strategy is slow, sloppy, expensive, and rarely identifies new value or opportunities for organizations.

One measure of this is McKinnsey’s finding that 85% of global businesses are "zombie companies” that create no value at all. At the heart of these issues are some serious factors: overemphasizing quantitative data (or ignoring qualitative data completely), not recognizing more than functional and financial value, not grounding strategic decisions and assumptions with evidence, and mixing internal and external decision-drivers. Therefore, organizations of all types need new models and techniques for developing truly distinctive, valuable strategies, communicating them effectively, and integrating them into operations and business metrics.

We have invited Nathan Shedroff to talk about Strategy is in Crisis. Watch the recording of the webinar below.

Nathan is a serial entrepreneur, business strategist, education innovator, author, and speaker. He is a serial entrepreneur in various technology and strategic sectors. Nathan has written over 10 books, started more than 6 companies, and founded the ground-breaking Design MBA program. He is focused on building new tools for strategy and communication and leads the Foodicons Challenge, an initiative for building a global, open-source iconographic system for food systems.

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