• Kseniya Lukyanova

WHO WE ARE / Networking Event

Last Friday, we hosted the Who We Are event, where the founder of the community, Danil Kislinsky, told the story of the creation of the community, the concept, and the values that we promote. He also shared his personal history of entering international markets and, of course, according to tradition, told about the failures )

But the main topic of the event was not Danil's speech, the goal was to organize cool networking for our participants! And it looks like we did a great job! The meeting was attended by 60 people, among whom there were many new members of the community! We also managed to create such a cool and relaxed atmosphere that everyone was happy to get to know each other right away! In the future, we also plan to continue the series of events for networking and think about additional activities to make such meetings more interesting and productive!

After all, thanks to the Network, we will be able to create successful businesses faster and cooler than everyone else. The main thing is to be open and help each other.

This is the secret of the valley-people there help each other and no one needs anything for it. You start doing the same thing and it becomes a culture. In addition to access to quality knowledge and resources, we carry this culture in our community, hoping that it will become a solid foundation for your global development.

The value in a reliable relationship is now much higher than ever and every contact becomes your capital, not because you get something from it, but primarily because you give it away, thus creating a reputation, fulfilling your promises, keeping your word, or simply helping another person. And reputation in our world is a key factor in development.

Many thanks for organizing the event to our leader in networking Zainuv, coworking F Class for providing a platform and assistance in organizing, and to everyone who took the time to come and support our party!

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